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But I am thankful.

All the struggles I went through and lessons I have acquired have made me a better person. My experiences has made me resilient and I feel as though I am invincible when life hits me hard. Rock bottom cannot be more deep than what I had gone through and therefore it’s only a matter of determination. Push factor to keep me going and strive for the best because I know my time will come and things will be easier in the long run. I have yet to tackle one most important thing in my life, that is to get my degree and build a a solid platform. Until then I will keep working hard to experience that sweet taste of success.


Good morning beautiful

so while walking around New York City and interviewing people for a friend’s anthropology project, I met Dylan and Cole Sprouse.
we went into a diner to stop for lunch and they were sitting a few tables away from us.  so i asked really awkwardly if i could ask them a few questions for our project while they waited for their food, and they invited me to sit down with them.
they immediately launched into a sarcastic, rapid-fire, back-and-forth banter that i could hardly keep up without laughing my ass off.  it was awesome.  they were awesome.  dear tumblr i just want to tell you that i sat down in a diner with the Sprouse twins and they were absolutely awesome.

here is a pic of shaq holding bill gates

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